Get to know your collectors in ways you’ve never imagined.
Bello is the no-code blockchain analytics tool that helps you learn more about your collectors through a simple search.
Bello helps you make confident decisions by answering critical questions about your collectors and their on-chain behavior.
Who were my most active collectors across my three drops?
Which conferences have they attended recently?
What DAOs do they participate in?
What other ERC-20 tokens do my collectors hold?
How old is my average collector?
Who are my top five most affluent collectors?
Bello can also show you how your community compares to other collections in just a few clicks using our comparison tools.
Bello can even suggest prices for your next NFT drop with tips on which communities you should allowlist.
Price to consider for your next drop
Calculated based on 249 wallets across 3 NFT purchases
Median price paid
Most common price paid
Bello’s insights will inspire you to build a meaningful connection with your collectors.
Feel confident when making critical decisions on how to grow your community.
Avoid leaving money on the table with pricing tools that settle your debates.
Visualize your most active community members and their behavior across multiple blockchains.