Hume Collective

A web3 record label and entertainment company creating music driven metastars.


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The Hume Collective is a genre defining label and entertainment company dedicated to breaking the world's first music-driven virtual artists. 

Their strategic approach to leveraging Bello's analytics has proven instrumental in the successful launch of merchandise and better understanding their music NFT collectors.

The "UNSEEN" Collection

Strategic Approach with Bello

Merchandise Release: "UNSEEN" Collection

The "UNSEEN" collection represents a bold step into the digi-physical merchandise space, exclusively available at 

Hume Collective strategically utilized Bello to navigate this new venture across price optimization, community engagement, and messaging.

The digi-physical hoodie issued by Hume Collective.

Pricing and Market Analysis

Bello's insights were crucial in determining the optimal price point for the "UNSEEN" hoodie merch. 

The deep dive into onchain data considered Hume Genesis holders, angelbaby music holders, and music holders across Ethereum and Optimism.

This comprehensive analysis highlighted that a significant portion of their community was comfortable with purchases in the 0.1 to 0.2 ETH range, guiding hume to set the hoodie price between 0.093 and 0.12 ETH.

Community Engagement and Messaging

Hume Collective enhanced their merchandise strategy by tapping into Bello's wallet messaging, extending their reach beyond existing holders to other related communities.

Using Bello’s Custom Search, the team pinpointed wallets with shared interests, drawing from 'Assets in Common' and 'Recently Purchased' data. These insights revealed new communities for campaign engagement, swiftly delivered by Bello.

The narrative crafted for these potential new holders was specifically designed to heighten the appeal of their exclusive "UNSEEN" collection.

Amplifying Music NFTs with angelbaby

angelbaby, an integral virtual artist of Hume Collective, leveraged Bello to analyze their track releases, including:

  1. "im fine: ( : [feat. GrimesAI x Wes Ghost]"
  2. "black hole (with TK)"
  3. "before you live (Night Tales Remix)"
  4. "live forever (with Blvck Svm)"

This integration with Bello was instrumental in providing a clearer understanding of their community, which was crucial for planning and optimizing future music NFT drops. 

Through this approach, Hume Collective gained valuable insights into collector behavior onchain, enhancing their strategy for upcoming releases.

Bello’s Features Used:

Pricing Insights

For pinpointing the optimal price to sell his music.

Time and Day Heat maps:

To determine the best days and times for drops.

Custom Search

To build large cohorts spanning all previous contracts.

Assets in Common

Provided a window for brand affinity across different communities.

Wallet to wallet messaging

For direct holder engagement.

Recently purchased

Exposed emerging trends in brand loyalty across diverse groups.

The Outcome

Hume Collective's strategic application of Bello's analytics tools has led to several notable developments in their web3 music and entertainment endeavors. Here's an overview of the key outcomes:

  1. Audience Understanding: Bello's analytics provided insights into the spending habits and preferences of Hume Collective's audience, informing their merchandising and track release strategies.
  2. Merchandise Release: The "UNSEEN" collection, priced based on data-driven insights, saw a notable response from the market, indicating alignment with customer expectations.
  3. Broadened Reach: The strategic use of Bello's wallet messaging feature allowed Hume Collective to extend their reach beyond their existing audience, attracting a diverse and larger collector base interested in their unique music and merchandise offerings.

These outcomes suggest that Hume Collective's strategic use of Bello's tools played a role in their approach to merchandising and music NFTs, contributing to their positioning in the web3 music and entertainment domain.

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