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Lens Protocol, a decentralized platform at the forefront of Web3 social media, has leveraged Bello's wallet analytics to distinguish high from low signal users, enhancing its understanding of users leveraging their social graph.

This case study explores how Bello's insights transformed Lens Protocol's approach to user engagement and network analysis.

Strategic Analytics with Bello

A Year of Collaboration

For over a year, Lens Protocol's growth team has been utilizing Bello to work alongside creators in targeting new audiences and achieving their goals. This partnership has proven pivotal in refining Lens Protocol's user engagement strategies.

High Signal Wallet Identification

Bello's advanced, no-code analytics has complemented Lens Protocol's expertise, catalyzing a significant advancement in the identification of high-value users and the characterization of distinct persona-types across the social graph.

The protocol’s stakeholders used these tools to achieve clarity across:

  1. Understanding User Profiles: Knowing who the high signal users are allowed Lens to measure the network's strength and engage users more meaningfully.
  2. Diverse Interests Analysis: By leveraging Bello's AI-powered insights, Lens Protocol effectively segmented its user base into specific interest groups such as art lovers, developers, music fans, and more, enabling targeted feature development and community outreach.

Significant Time Savings

The introduction of Bello significantly reduced the time Lens team spent on data analysis. Tasks that previously took a year due to complex data processing and management were accomplished by Bello within a week.

This efficiency allowed the Lens team to reallocate their focus to other vital areas of the protocol's development, showcasing Bello's role in streamlining critical operations.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Onboarding Key Community Members

Utilizing Bello's insights, the Lens Creator Team effectively built strong relationships with over 100 high signal users, who are now among the most active across over five different content genres in the Lens community. 

Furthermore, the Lens Creator Team leveraged Bello to provide compelling statistics to community leaders, like the percentage of Lens users within their groups. This data served as a persuasive tool in community outreach and strategic user onboarding.

Custom Work

Bello created five custom metrics for Lens Protocol, each designed to provide unique insights into the platform's user base and their interactions. These custom metrics have been instrumental in further refining Lens Protocol's strategy and enhancing its user engagement.

Bello’s Features Used:

Assets in Common

Provided a window for brand affinity across different communities.


To identify high signal vs. low signal wallets active in the Lens ecosystem.

Web3 Social dashboard

To understand a cohort’s nativeness to the Lens ecosystem.

Custom Search

To build large cohorts spanning all previous contracts.


To filter cohorts based on specified criteria and pinpoint wallet profiles for campaigns.

A Blueprint for User Engagement in Large-Scale Protocols

This case study exemplifies how integrating advanced analytics tools like Bello can be transformative for protocols dealing with vast user bases.

Lens Protocol's experience showcases the immense value of such analytics in understanding and engaging with users across a broad spectrum.

This approach is particularly relevant for other protocols managing hundreds to millions of users, demonstrating how data-driven insights can lead to more effective user engagement and a deeper understanding of the community within the Web3 landscape.

For protocols looking to navigate the complexities of large-scale user interaction, Lens Protocol's use of Bello's analytics stands as a strategic model to follow.

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