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Business Insights

Revenue: Explore dashboards dedicated to tracking earnings from secondary royalties, providing a clear view of revenue streams.
Loyalty: Delve into community behavior, retention rates, and churn metrics to gauge loyalty and engagement levels within your community.

Wallet Analysis

Wallet Breakdown: Gain comprehensive insights into wallet holdings, including net worth, wallet age, token breakdown, and liquidity.
Assets in Common: Discover shared NFTs and ERC-20 tokens among wallets, identifying potential communities for targeted marketing and collaboration.

Behavioral Trends

Recently Purchased: Access insights on the most popularly minted NFT contracts, understanding current market trends within your cohort.
Time and Day Heat map: Visualize the most active times and days for wallet activity, optimizing engagement strategies.
Pricing Insights: Explore purchasing behaviors and price sensitivity, tailoring your approach to market demand.

AI-Driven Interests

NFT Interests: Utilize AI to uncover interest profiles based on NFT collections, offering personalized marketing insights.
Event Interests: Leverage AI to gain insights on event attendance patterns, including geographical data for in-person and virtual events.

Social Engagement

Lens Protocol: Get detailed analytics on wallet activities within Web3 social networks like Lens Protocol.
POAP: Analyze POAP collections and event attendance, enriching your understanding of community engagement.
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