We Stand For Access & Transparency

The Web3 movement promises user empowerment, with increased control and accessibility of data.

Navigating the complex world of crypto can be challenging due to its technical intricacies. Bello was developed to make onchain data more accessible and useful for everyone. Initially centered on wallet analytics for creators, it has since broadened its scope serving a variety of web3-native stakeholders.

Fueling Bello's Vision

Bello is backed by a variety of investors, from skilled venture capitalists to industry professionals, who believe in the web3 growth sector. Beyond funding, they actively contribute knowledge and resources, aiding in our network and growth.

Stani Kulechov


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The Story Behind 'Bello' and Our Mushroom Mascot 'Bellie'

Why 'Bello'? It's a nod to 'Portobello' mushrooms, known for their insight-inducing qualities. Just like mushrooms can reveal new perspectives on life, Bello's analytics uncover hidden insights in the Web3 world. Our mascot, a friendly mushroom, symbolizes this journey of discovery through the complex terrain of onchain data, making it insightful, accessible and reliable.

Bello started as a simple concept for a cute mushroom that helps you find the data you need.

Bellie has since evolved into the shroom he is today, still cute, and even more powerful than ever before.