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Supernova, a well-known marketing agency in the Web3 space, collaborated with to launch Mitchell F. Chan's NFT collection, "The Boys of Summer."

A key aspect of this partnership was the incorporation of Bello's analytics into Supernova's tool stack, allowing for a data-driven approach to analyze, target, and engage audiences.

The Boys of Summer by Mitchell F. Chan

Execution: "The Boys of Summer" NFT Drop

Digital Art Meets Generative PFP

Mitchell F. Chan's "The Boys of Summer" is a daring digital game artwork and generative PFP collection that explores society's obsession with measuring success, using baseball as a narrative vehicle. The collection delves into the quantification of self, employing baseball characters and statistics as a creative medium to prompt reflection on our value systems and inherent biases.

This transmedia art project consists of 999 PFPs that combine baseball, crypto culture, statistics, decision-making, and the blockchain, offering a unique and participatory experience for collectors

Campaign Execution with Bello's Analytics

Supernova's utilization of Bello's analytics in the "The Boys of Summer" NFT drop involved a multifaceted approach:

  • Precision Targeting: The agency used wallet user insights to identify and engage with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and communities aligned with the collection's narrative.
  • Optimized Timing: Determined the most active periods for potential buyers, ensuring impactful campaign timing.
  • Web2 and Web3 Synergy: Correlated X (aka Twitter) handles with wallet IDs for a comprehensive view of affluent and crypto-native web2 profiles.

Bello’s Features Used:

Web2 Twitter Social Handles

To engage holders around drops.

Time and Day Heat maps:

To determine the best days and times for drops.

Custom Search

To build large cohorts spanning all previous contracts.

Assets in Common

Provided a window for brand affinity across different communities.

Pricing Insights

For pinpointing the optimal price to sell his music.

Data exports

To add Bello’s insights into Lens’ data models and spreadsheets.

The Outcome

By folding Bello's analytics into their strategy, Supernova optimized's "The Boys of Summer" drop to stellar success:

  • Breakthrough Sales Performance: Achieved $215k in sales within the first minute, showcasing the collection's immediate impact.
  • NFTs and Wallets Engagement: Sold 999 NFTs to 380 unique wallets, indicating broad interest and varied engagement across the collector base.

The integration of Bello into Supernova’s campaign for "The Boys of Summer" exemplifies the effectiveness of using advanced analytics in Web3 marketing.

This case study underscores the value of incorporating Bello's analytics into a marketing agency’s tool stack, showcasing how data can be leveraged to propel a campaign to new heights and redefine engagement within the web3 creator economy.

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