Web3’s leading Latin Reggaeton and Trap artist.


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About Xcelencia

Xcelencia stands at the forefront of the Latin Reggaeton and Trap genres within the web3 space, leveraging Bello's analytical tools to bring his music NFT drops to life.

His year-long journey with Bello has been marked by a clear vision for releasing and analyzing his music NFT collectors.

Leveraging Bello as part of his tool stack

Xcelencia has seamlessly incorporated Bello's features into his music release strategy, utilizing our robust toolset to enhance his understanding of the web3 ecosystem and his connection with his audience.

Through Bello, Xcelencia has fine-tuned his approach, ensuring each release is precisely targeted and effectively executed.

A collection of Xcelecia’s music that was analyzed in Bello.

Soundtracking Success: Music Releases with Bello

Xcelencia's music resonates with the rhythm of innovation, and this is reflected in his strategic use of Bello for his music NFT drops.

Each track's release has been accompanied by a meticulous analysis using Bello's suite, enabling a deeper connection with fans and collectors.

Here's a look at the songs that have benefitted from his usage of Bello:

  • "Eleven”: Leveraging Bello's insights, Xcelencia crafted a release strategy that maximized engagement, ensuring that "Eleven" hit the market with precision-timed drops and pricing that matched his audience's expectations.
  • "OMW": Xcelencia utilized Bello's custom searches and cohort analytics to gauge the past success of similar tracks and to tailor the allowlist for "OMW," fostering exclusivity and rewarding loyalty for the release.
  • "Enestrella": With Bello's pricing insights, he set a value for "Enestrella" that spoke to the quality of the track while remaining accessible to a broad range of collectors, a balance essential for sustaining long-term collector relationships.
  • "Tabu": The 'assets in common' feature provided Xcelencia with an understanding of his audience's interests beyond his music, which was instrumental in cross-promoting "Tabu" within related collector communities.
  • "Las-Nike": For this drop, he used Bello to better understand the 15,000 collectors that tapped into his largest release to date with ambitious of servicing these supporters in future campaigns.

Through each of these releases, Xcelencia has demonstrated the power of leveraging analytical tools to not just anticipate the market, but to shape it.

His proactive approach to utilizing Bello's features shows a commitment to harnessing the potential of web3 to elevate his music and grow his presence.

Bello’s Features Used:

Pricing Insights

For pinpointing the optimal price to sell his music.

Time and Day Heat maps:

To determine the best days and times for drops.

Custom Search

To build large cohorts spanning all previous contracts.

Assets in Common

Provided a window for brand affinity across different communities.

Data exports

To allowlist key collectors in future drops.


To filter cohorts based on specified criteria and pinpoint wallet profiles for campaigns.

The Outcome

Xcelencia's successful integration of Bello into his broader toolkit played a key role in driving the notable results he achieved:

  • Collectors managed: He manages over 15,000 collectors in Bello, broadening his understanding of his community to make informed decisions.
  • Revenue growth: The NFT drops have generated a total of 13 ETH in volume, reflecting the financial viability of his artistic endeavors.
  • Mint volume: Across all drops, over 15,000 music editions have been sold, underscoring the demand and popularity of his work.
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