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The first community-owned podcast, merging music, art, and technology in web3.


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Rehash Podcast, led by Diana Chen, stands at the forefront of web3, documenting the intersection of media and the crypto landscape with a goal to create a community-driven platform.

With Chen's extensive web3 experience, the podcast leveraged Bello's insights and growth tools while finding new leads for sponsorships, streamlining their governance processes, and enhancing their community engagement with better content.

Securing $20k in New Sponsorships using Bello's Insights

Rehash Podcast effectively utilized Bello's insights, focusing on their onchain audience to identify overlaps with potential sponsors.

By examining the shared interests between their Podcast NFT collectors and Jokerace governance participants, they discovered a notable overlap with Zerion's NFT holders.

This data-driven approach, centering on existing affiliations within their community, led to a strategic partnership with Zerion, which materialized into a significant $20,000 sponsorship for Season 7.

This methodical examination of onchain data highlights the impact of targeted, informed outreach in securing valuable collaborations.

Rehash Podcast sponsorship rates for Season 7

Rehash Podcast strategically employed Bello's analytics and growth tools to reshape and refine its community engagement and growth strategies. 

This integration was multifaceted, encompassing three key areas:

Enhanced Governance with Segments

Rehash Podcast significantly streamlined its governance process using Bello’s Segments and data export features.

They implemented these tools to efficiently create allowlists for the Jokerace governance campaign each season.

This shift from manual to automated processes not only saved two to four hours each season but also brought precision and fairness to their campaign efforts, ensuring a smoother and more equitable governance experience for their community.

Event Selection and Networking with POAP Insights

Understanding the importance of in-person networking, Rehash utilized Bello’s POAP data for strategic event attendance.

This enabled Diana Chen to focus on events most relevant to her community, enhancing her presence where it mattered most.

Such targeted attendance at key events led to deeper connections and fruitful collaborations, strengthening community ties and expanding Rehash’s network in the web3 space.

Tailoring Content Depth Based on Wallet Age

By analyzing the average wallet age of their listeners, Rehash gauged the "crypto nativeness" of their audience.

This insight allowed them to adjust the complexity of discussions on the podcast.

Recognizing that their collectors had an average wallet age of almost 2.5 years, the team opted for more advanced conversations, bypassing the need to explain basic crypto concepts.

This nuanced understanding of their audience's knowledge level ensured that the content was both relevant and engaging.

Bello’s Features Used:

Assets in Common

Provided a window for brand affinity across different communities.

Web2 Twitter Social Handles

To engage holders around drops.

Custom Search

To build large cohorts spanning all previous contracts.

Pricing Insights

For pinpointing the optimal price to sell his music.


To filter cohorts based on specified criteria and pinpoint wallet profiles for campaigns.

Data exports

To allowlist key collectors in future drops.

The Outcome

The effective use of Bello's analytics significantly contributed to the expansion of Rehash's community reach. and bottom line revenue

By tapping into the nuances of their audience's preferences and the broader web3 community, Rehash was able to fine-tune its content, sponsorship, and marketing strategies. This strategic approach led to notable revenue growth, highlighted by the successful acquisition of a $20k sponsorship from Zerion. 

This achievement not only demonstrated the efficacy of their targeted approach but also emphasized the benefits of data-driven strategies in community engagement and sponsorship acquisition in the web3 podcasting space, and for creators at large.

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