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RŌHKI, a virtual artist project, embarked on a journey in the web3 music scene, bringing to life the saga of IO and Hachi - two fully animated, pseudo-anonymous beings to elevate the experience of their songs.

In pursuit of their mission to forge a unique narrative at the intersection of music and emerging technology, they integrated Bello into their core tooling stack, a decision pivotal to their strategy and growth.

A collection of RŌHKI music that was analyzed in Bello.

Embracing Bello's Analytics for Strategic Growth

At the heart of RŌHKI's strategy was the effective use of Bello's analytics and engagement tools. The team started by harnessing the power of Bello’s “View Collector List,” a feature that allowed them to export detailed data for in-depth analysis.

This was more than just number crunching; it was about understanding their audience at a granular level. They could tailor their marketing for ad-hoc drops and campaigns, ensuring precision in their outreach.

Lens and Twitter handles in the dataset unlocked direct and meaningful communication with their fans.

As RŌHKI delved deeper, they tapped into Bello's cross-promotional insights. Utilizing features like “Assets in Common” and “Top Tokens,” they identified overlapping interests among different collector groups. This wasn't just about expanding their reach; it was about building a community.

The “Web3 Social” and “Collectors” sections were instrumental in this, enabling RŌHKI to engage with individual collectors on a more personal level. RŌHKI aspires to be one of the first acts to bring onchain music to the rest of the world - having started from a very core foundation of collectors best understood by Bello analytics. A community of collectors who share in the collective growth and success of the project.

Pricing Strategy and Geographic Targeting

Pricing their NFT drops was a critical component of RŌHKI’s strategy, and here, Bello's “Pricing Insights” came into play. They needed to strike a balance between value and accessibility, and Bello provided the data to make informed decisions. Understanding their global audience was another key aspect.

The “Time and Day Heat Map” provided insights into the best times to release NFTs, especially considering their large fanbase which was identified in Southeast Asia. This strategic timing was crucial in maximizing engagement.

Sales Volume and Real-Time Data

The “Volume” section of Bello was a game-changer for RŌHKI. It gave them a real-time snapshot of their sales performance, allowing them to make agile decisions during meetings and events.

Bello’s Features Used:

Pricing Insights

For pinpointing the optimal price to sell his music.

Time and Day Heat maps:

To determine the best days and times for drops.

Custom Search

To build large cohorts spanning all previous contracts.

Assets in Common

Provided a window for brand affinity across different communities.

Data exports

To allowlist key collectors in future drops.

Web2 Twitter Social Handles

To engage holders around drops.

The Outcome

RŌHKI's experience with Bello brought about measurable improvements, reflecting in a notable growth of their collector base and enhanced community engagement.

This growth was not just anecdotal; it was backed by data showing a 5-10% increase in collector participation in key activities like mints and airdrops, as well as in the overall expansion of their community.

Breaking down the effectiveness of their data-driven strategy further, the results were impressive:

1. Total ETH Volume: RŌHKI achieved a substantial volume of 329 ETH across their primary and secondary sales, indicating a strong market presence and financial success.

2. Total Unique Collectors: The project attracted over 1,750 unique collectors, a testament to its broad appeal and successful outreach.

3. Total Editions Minted: With over 14,215 editions minted, RŌHKI demonstrated not only prolific creative output but also significant demand for their work.

Their experience highlights how targeted analytics can not only enhance community engagement and sales strategies but also pave the way for innovative growth for communities of any type and any size.

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