Base is Live on Bello

Adam Levy
June 4, 2024

We are excited to announce that Bello now integrates with the Base network, bringing you powerful new tools to analyze and engage with onchain activities. This integration allows you to segment wallets based on their activity on the Base network, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your audience. Seamlessly switch between Base and Ethereum data to view cross-chain insights, and leverage unified contract searches across multiple platforms.

Why This Matters

The integration with the Base network is a significant step forward for Bello and our users. By incorporating data from Base, you can now gain deeper insights into onchain behaviors, allowing for more precise audience segmentation and targeted engagement strategies. This means you can understand your audience's actions and preferences on Base, tailoring your content and interactions to meet their specific needs.

Cross-chain insights are crucial in today's multi-chain ecosystem. With the ability to switch between Base, OP, POAP and Ethereum data, you can get a holistic view of your audience's onchain journey. This comprehensive perspective enables you to develop strategies that resonate across different networks, enhancing your ability to build a detailed perspective of your users' onchain community.

What’s Next

The integration of Base network data into Bello marks a significant enhancement of our platform, providing you with powerful new tools to analyze and engage with onchain activities. Experience the enhanced power of Bello’s new Base integration today and elevate your audience engagement strategies!

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