Bello's Public Launch: A New Era in Growth Analytics

Adam Levy
January 29, 2024

After a diligent 1.5 years in private beta, it's a moment of immense pride and excitement for us at Bello to announce our public launch.

Bello is the no-code wallet analytics platform that delivers actionable insights for marketers through uncompromisingly great user experience. 

Get started with a 7-day free trial today:

Why Try Bello

The real value of Bello isn’t its curated dashboards featuring over 50 actionable insights, nor in its engagement tools that allow broadcasting messages to wallets. 

It's not even in how it offers these features at a fraction of the cost and time of hiring a developer for similar queries. 

The real value of Bello is its simplicity – you don’t need to be a developer or data wizard to use it.

Simply start by answering the question: Who do you want to learn more about?

Is it your own audience? a complimentary community? or a competitor?

Bello’s search bar is as powerful as a data center and as versatile as a Swiss Army knife.

With short keys by your side, you can add multiple contracts and upload CSVs of wallets into a custom search of your choosing.

Hit enter to instantly reveal a myriad of streamlined metrics with an intuitive design faster than you can say moonlight sparkle unicorn ledger galaxy rainbow crypto treasure blockchain harmony digital sunrise wallet.

Segment wallets with over 15 offchain and onchain filters to isolate key users and save that list for later when you’re ready to message them using XMTP.

And enjoy all this power with none of the glare.

Onchain data has never felt this good in the dark.

Questions Bello Helps Answer

With over 50 insightful metrics and dashboards, here’s a sliver of the many questions Bello can help answer:

  • Who are the most affluent wallets in my cohort?
  • What time and day are users most active onchain?
  • What other communities do they spend time in?
  • What time and day are users most active onchain?
  • How many are native to web3 and web2 social networks?
  • What are there purchasing behaviors?
  • Who are my most loyal users?
  • Who are my highest signal and lower signal users?

and so much more.

Get Started with a 7-Day Free Trial

2024 is the year of Bello.

We’ve orchestrated an ambitious roadmap and we can’t wait to show what we’re following up with next.

Try us out and see how Bello can transform your approach to understanding and engaging your web3 audience with a 7-day free trial.

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