Bello's Allowlist Pages: Criteria Check Made Simple

Adam Levy
April 7, 2023

When we first introduced Collector Lists, our goal was to provide a range of powerful tooling to bulk upload your holder addresses and smart contracts into a unified dashboard to get a birds-eye view of everything happening in your community.

From there, we introduced Actions, which enable users to take their wallet Filters and Segmentation to the next level. The first Action we introduced was the ability to export your filtered data.

Following data exports, we shipped social sharing, which allowed you to autogenerate a post across Twitter and Lens, recognizing your most active collectors.

Today, we’re introducing our third Action to your no-code data tool stack called Publish, which allows you to create an Allowlist Page to share with your collectors so that they can search their addresses and verify if they met the criteria.

Here’s how it works.

Our Inspiration

Allowlists have become a fundamental aspect of NFT drop culture empowering creators to reward collectors for meeting certain onchain or offchain criteria within their communities. So at Bello, we sought to devise an alternative, user-friendly approach to this critical component of a creator’s tool stack.

Using Collector Lists, you can segment your holders based on the tokens and criteria associated with their wallets and publish an Allowlist Page reflecting those criteria.

The inspiration for this feature emerged after conducting tests with Daniel Allan, Reo Cragun, Aly, Dreams Never Die, and others using Google Sheets.

These creators would construct a Collector List, export the data, and upload it to a Google Spreadsheet. Upon doing so, we observed a frenzy of eager collectors entering the document to verify if their addresses were included in the snapshot.

A swarm of animals viewing a Google Sheets page.
A swarm of animals viewing a Google Sheets page.

We discovered that collectors enjoyed visiting the spreadsheets to verify if they made it onto the allowlist, but who likes looking at spreadsheets?

To build on this insight and further improve the user experience, we developed Allowlist Pages.

Now, you can ditch the Spreadsheet view and send users directly to Bello to verify if they made the allowlist.

How to Publish Your Allowist Page on Bello

Creating and publishing an Allowlist Page on Bello is a simple process that can be accomplished in just a few steps:

1. Search and Filter: After searching for a collection, visit the dashboard and click "View Collector Lists" in the top right corner.

Apply any filters you'd like to include in your allowlist. For this example, I have two filters applied to this list, (1) those who purchased at least 1 NFT across every NFT collection searched, OR (2), those who spent at least 1 ETH across every NFT collection searched.

2. Set Criteria: Customize the mint price and the maximum mint amount on your drop dynamics. For example, those who meet Criteria 1 are eligible to mint up to 10 NFTs for a discounted price of 0.03. But those who meet Criteria 2 can mint up to 50 NFTs for a discounted price of 0.01.

3. Review and Publish: Review the number of holders fitting your criteria and the snapshot time. Once everything looks good, hit "Publish" and Bello will generate the URL for your unique Allowlist Page.

4. Share with Your Holders: Simply share the URL with your holders for a smooth and efficient communication experience.

The only thing your holders need to do is search their address in the provided field to see if they qualify for your allowlist’s criteria.

What's Next

With the introduction of Allowlist Pages, we're confident that we've taken Bello's wallet Filters and Segmentation to even greater heights. Our mission is to continuously innovate and provide you with the best no-code tools possible for managing and growing your community of collectors.

We believe that Pre-Sale Pages will greatly enhance your user experience and look forward to your valuable feedback as we continue to improve and expand our platform offerings.

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