Create a Collector List: Search it, Filter it, Export it.

Adam Levy
February 13, 2023

The more time a creator spends building their community of collectors, the more ambitious and experimentative they become.

At Bello, our vision for building simple, no-code data tools is driven by our excitement to meet you at the highest peak and equip you with the best tools to understand and expand your collector base.

Previously, we presented a summary of the Top 5 Most Active Collectors and upon realizing its popularity, we knew we had to take it one step further.

The previous Top Collectors section is now updated to Collector Lists.
The previous Top Collectors section is now updated to Collector Lists.

That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil Collector Lists: everything you know and love about your Top Collectors section, only expanded to include every holder and more.

As creators ourselves, we know how critical it is to craft those thoughtful allowlists and the number of hours you spend debating holder criteria.

Once you settle on a path forward, Bello will help you kick off that list.

When you visit, all you need to do is follow three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Search it
  • Step 2: Filter it
  • Step 3: Export it

Whether you want to get granular or general on your criteria, Collector Lists give you complete control over the allowlist-building process.

For example, let's say you want to build an allowlist of LNRZ DAO collectors who either purchased one of their music NFTs or hold at least 5 $FWB. With Bello’s Collector Lists, it's a breeze.

Here’s how it works.

Search it.

You’ll first start by building a Custom Search and adding every collection that fits your envisioned snapshot.

For the sake of this example, we added the following collections from LNRZ DAO:

  • LNRZ - Daniel Allan x Reo Cragun - Stars
  • LNRZ - Mija x Mark Evans - No Matter What I Do
  • LNRZ - LNRZ Team - CR4ZY

After you hit search and your Custom Search finishes processing, you’ll be on your way to filtering your holders based on your desired criteria.

Filter it.

To begin adding filters, open your completed collection and click on “View holders list” to expand your entire view of collectors.

Next, we’ll start building Group 1 using the “Owns NFT” and “Owns ECR20” criteria.

To create a segment of collectors who possess at least one NFT from each of the three LNRZ collections, we'll apply a filter in Bello.

We'll select "Owns NFT" and choose the option "at least" followed by specifying "1" for each collection. This way, we'll be able to isolate all holders who own a minimum of one token from each collection.

Additionally, we'll use the "OR" condition and create Group 2 to include those collectors who also have at least 5 $FWB in their wallets.

After identifying the 23 holders who match the criteria, we can proceed with exporting the list for further use.

Export it.

To export your curated list, navigate to the top right corner where you'll find the export option. By clicking on export, you'll have the choice of selecting which columns to include in your export.

Choose the columns that are crucial for your allowlist and then hit the "Export" button.

Types of filters

When crafting your Collector List, we provide a range of filters to help you segment and identify certain folks in your community.

You can search for existing NFTs in your custom collections or outside of them, and also filter by ERC-20s, wallet age, net worth, Twitter handle, and Lens profile.

To further refine your results, we offer sub-filters including greater than, less than, at most, at least, and exactly, allowing you to get as granular or general as you'd like with your custom allowlist building.

These filters help you gain powerful insights into your collectors and position you to do more with your data with much less effort.

Bello in action: 3 case studies

In this section, we'll take a closer look at three case studies that showcase the impact of Bello's allowlist tools and expertise in understanding the needs of crypto-native creators.

These case studies demonstrate the power of Bello's custom allowlist feature and its impact on the web3 music space.

Daniel Allan & Reo Cragun - Criteria

Bello has already helped many web3 creators sell their digital collectibles, including musicians Daniel Allan and Reo Cragun, who were able to sell over 110 ETH worth of music NFTs.

By using Bello's allowlist tools, they were able to identify 628 collectors who purchased at least one of their NFTs across a few curated collections.

This allowed them to create a highly targeted allowlist for their campaign and ensure that their most dedicated collectors had the best chance at meeting the criteria.


Bello was proud to partner with the innovative web3 music collective ASTRO, a 13-track project between some of the most forward-thinking musicians in the web3 space, including Daniel Allan, Reo Cragun, TWERL, Tisoki, Pauline Herr, Mark Johns, Camoufly, helloworld, Lost Boy, and Cerdin & Little Snake.

To bring their ambitious project to life, they turned to Bello to help with their allowlist and to gain valuable insights by analyzing a massive range of data and useful information on other music NFT collectors.

Bello's data and filtering capabilities made it easy for ASTRO to build their dream allowlist, using wallet addresses to ensure that only the right people had access to the drop.

ASTRO ended up selling 444 editions, racking in 33 ETH in 24 hours.

Lackhoney - SWEETS

Lackhoney, a web3-native music artist, approached Bello with a unique opportunity to bring his most ambitious project, "SWEETS," to life. He wanted to create a custom allowlist for his project that was segmented based on the number of NFTs that his collectors held from his previous 7 collections.

With the help of Bello, Lackhoney was able to calculate the number of unique NFTs held by each wallet and determine the number of SWEETs that could be minted.

The system was simple: if a wallet held at least one NFT from each of Lackhoney's 7 collections, they were eligible to mint up to 12 SWEETs.

Thanks to Bello's expertise in custom allowlist building, Lackhoney was able to establish his drop with ease, and in no time, he had everything he needed to make his dream project a reality.

This case study is a testament to the power of Bello's custom allowlist feature and how it can help creators bring their most ambitious projects to life.

What’s next

Bello's Collector Lists offer creators a powerful tool for understanding and expanding their collector base.

With a simple three-step process, creators can search, filter, and export their allowlist with complete control over the criteria.

With a range of filters to choose from, including NFT and ERC20 ownership, wallet age, Lens profile, and Twitter handle, creators can gain valuable insights into their collectors and do more with their data with less effort.

By partnering with Bello, creators can unlock the full potential of their data and take their community insights to the next level.

Build a Collector List today by signing up for Bello’s Beta using the link below:

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