CSS Week 3 Recap: Toothbrush Test, Social Growth, New Features + more

Adam Levy
April 3, 2023

Bello has had an eventful week, packed with exciting news and developments, from onboarding new users to growth and awareness across Crypto Twitter, to a new feature we shipped - there’s a lot to unpack.

Let’s dive in starting with highlighting Week 3 of CSS.

CSS Highlight - Dan Romero's Talk on Growing a Protocol

We had the luxury of hearing from many incredible speakers this week, though one, in particular, stood out.

We were excited to hear Dan Romero's talk on growing a protocol, where he shared some truly insightful strategies for driving growth.

He shared stories about his manual processes for onboarding the right users and curating the right experiences for Farcaster. In one of his slides, he shared a screenshot of his calendar depicting the back-to-back calls he scheduled with users in an effort to onboard them.

The image reminded us of our earlier days at Bello on how we took 100s of 20-to-30-minute calls with web3 creators in an effort to learn about their existing data stack and what problems they needed solving.

He also gave the analogy of the toothbrush test where most should strive to build a product that gets visited at least 2x per day, which is similar to how many times you brush your teeth.

OH, and the OODA loop made its way back into the curriculum this week where Dan shared his processes of shipping and acquiring user feedback quickly.

It was truly an eventful couple of days, but we did soo much more throughout the week. We’ve been ears down to the ground trying to implement our refined OODA Loop.

Here’s what our OODA Loop looks like in action.

New Feature Shipped - Bulk Contract Uploads

When we launched Custom Searches a few weeks back, you could only build a large query using our drop-down menu or uploading wallet addresses.

After we shipped that, many of you asked us to have the ability to upload multiple contracts at once.

Well, now you can!

Just toggle "Wallets" or "Contracts" to select the upload type and voila you're set.

We Onboarded New Users

Additionally this week, we onboarded a ton of new users from our Twitter DMs, Telegram group chats, and waitlist on the platform.

Additionally, we crossed 200 Telegram members last week!

Slightly blurry because of Telegram. 😅
Slightly blurry because of Telegram. 😅

At Bello, we're constantly striving to expand the platform's reach to even more users, which will lead to more engagement and further growth. Having more users means we can build a stronger and more diverse community, which is essential for the platform's long-term success.

We want to give a big shoutout to all of our new users - welcome to the Bello familia! 🍄

Organic Engagement from Crypto Twitter

We're absolutely blown away by the organic engagement from Crypto Twitter (CT) this week. It's amazing to see people talking about and sharing the platform with their followers, and it's a testament to the power of community-driven growth.

It takes a village to spread Bello’s gospel and we’re so grateful for the adoption to date.

Here are some highlights.

We got featured in Bankless! 🏴🏴🏴🏴

Bankless uses Bello. 🫡

It’s surreal to see 15+ Podcast NFT contracts searched and filtered using Collector Lists. They applied the filter “Owns at least 1” in their Collector Lists dashboard to visualize how many folks collected one or more of every NFT across their drops.

Features Bankless used

  • Custom Search to add all 15+ contracts together
  • Collectors List to visualize their holders in a table view
  • Filters to segment those who “Own at least 1” NFT from each collection.

Reveel x Decent Collab - Measuring Performance

Reveel used Bello to analyze the performance of the Creator Grant campaign they initiated last week. Nearly 400 collectors were analyzed by Bellie. 🍄

They killed it using a similar flow to that of Bankless.

Features Reveel used

  • Custom Search to bulk upload all 20+ contracts together
  • Dashboard to visualize Revenue

Sammy Arriaga slaying ✨ 🤠

S/o to Web3-native music artist for tapping into Collector Lists this week as well. We love seeing all stay organized with your holders!

Last but not least, the Siplomats, a comedy group creating fun pop culture content, recently had a video go viral across CT and Insta…AND Bello’s mascot Bellie got featured for split second.

Over 2 million views n’ counting! Check it out below. 👇

New Merch and Swag (V1) 🍄

In addition to all the exciting updates we've shared, we've got some more news that we think our users will love - we have new Bello swag! V1 merch helps show off our Bello pride.

From t-shirts and hoodies to caps and more, we've got something for us, and soon for everyone. 👀

New Feature in the Works 🚢

We’ll leave this section short, though we’re excited to ship a brand new feature for ya’ll this week. Stay tuned for more. 👀

What's Next

As we look forward to the coming weeks, we're excited about the upcoming developments at Bello. Our team is hard at work, continually exploring new ways to transform blockchain data for our class of creators.

We're gearing up to release a brand new feature that we can't wait to unveil soon. We're confident that it will be a game-changer for our users and help take the platform to the next level.

We'll also be focusing on expanding our community, and we're committed to welcoming even more users to the Bello familia. We'll continue to onboard new users and gather feedback to improve the platform continually.

Week 3 out of 12 successfully completed. ✅

See you next week!

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