CSS Week 4 Recap: Pricing Models, NFT Royalties & Allowlist Pages

Adam Levy
April 10, 2023

Welcome to the third-week recap of Crypto Startup School where we share various updates from the accelerator as well as updates on our progress building Bello.

Let’s dive into last week and what went down starting with Tuesday!


On the first day of week four, we discussed web3 business models and strategies. Scott Duke Kominers, a research partner at Andreessen Horowitz and a professor at Harvard, shared his insights on building products in web3 and we delved into different types of web3 business models and strategies, including auction mechanisms, and how to design them to ensure that there are no bad actors involved.

Michael Zhu followed up with a talk specifically on auction types like Dutch auctions and how they can be used in web3 business models. We had a great discussion on the coordination of auctions, figuring out all the different little game theory details to ensure that there are no bad actors.

Additionally, Michael Blau spoke about the importance of understanding what it means to have NFTs with enforceable royalties and why it doesn't actually exist yet.


The second day of week two was centered on pricing. We heard from Jason Rosenthal and Maggie Sue, both experienced executives, who shared their insights on pricing strategies and how they've approached pricing in their own companies. They discussed the different types of pricing models, such as usage-based, user-based, and feature-based, and the different mental games to challenge your notions of how to derive pricing.

The conversation also delved into the importance of understanding what you are charging for and whether customers are willing to pay for the value that you are creating. This discussion was particularly relevant, as most members of the cohort were either launching their product or already had a product on the market and were trying to figure out what they should be charging - including us. :)


On Thursday, we shipped a new feature called Allowlist Pages. This tool empowers creators to easily create a public page reflecting their allowlist criteria.

Allowlist Pages eliminate the need for using spreadsheets and unclear tweet threads to define drop criteria. Now, collectors can verify whether or not they made the drop criteria by searching their address on the Allowlist Page. This feature enhances the allowlist building experience and streamlines communication with collectors in just a few simple steps.

To help amplify the new feature release, we hosted a live demo this morning where we showed how easy it is to create and publish an Allowlist Page on our platform and had a bunch of people come out!

We loved this idea of creating a Live Demo, and we’ll continue doing them to rehash the features we released in the past and future features to come.

What's Next

CSS of Week 4 was a success. As we move into the next week of the Crypto Startup School, we're looking forward to exploring different approaches to building communities, growth, product development and more.

See you next week!

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