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Adam Levy
February 21, 2024

Web3 social is hot right now. 

In the last 18 months nearly 200,000 users have started to grow their onchain presence on Farcaster, many using Warpcast as their client of choice. 

Our core focus at Bello is to help you better understand and interact with your onchain audience, regardless of whether that be NFT holders, form submitters, event ticket collectors, or web3 social followers.

The increase in users building their onchain audience has inspired us to ship our Farcaster and Warpcast insights today.

These six new metrics spanning protocol and application-level data are designed to support users in planning their Farcaster activities more efficiently by leveraging two new dashboards in the Social tab.

Here’s how you can get started with building your Farcaster strategy in Bello.

Explore Farcaster and Warpcast Analytics and Apply Filters to Segment Wallets

Viewing a custom search containing a variety of Nouns and Lil Nouns related NFTs and POAPs

The new Farcaster dashboard is designed to answer important questions such as:

  • What percentage of my cohort is actively using Farcaster?
  • Who are the key influencers in my cohort that I should collaborate with?
  • How engaged is my cohort with Farcaster?
  • Considering where our users are most active, which channels should we focus on?

The six new metrics we've introduced provide insights into:

  1. The percentage of wallets that have a Farcaster profile, giving you a clear idea of how many in your audience are actively engaging on the platform.
  2. The total number of Casts made by your entire cohort, highlighting the overall activity level.
  3. The aggregate number of "Reactions" your cohort has produced as measured by their likes and recasts, offering a glimpse into their engagement.
  4. The top 3 most followed users within your cohort, identifying the influencers.
  5. A breakdown of the top 50 most followed users in your cohort, allowing you to identify and engage with a breadth influential figures.
  6. The top 20 channels where your users are most active, helping you understand where your audience is spending their time and what content resonates with them.

Data is refreshed with the most recent channel followers and profile follower count every 24 hours.

To make things even better, we've updated our Segments with two new columns that show Farcaster usernames and how many followers each person has. 

A quick view at our new Farcaster columns and filters

This means you can now sort through your cohort to find anyone with, for example, over 10,000 followers, export that data, and easily connect with them, maybe even sending a direct message to start a conversation.

What’s Next

As we push through Q1, our next few ships will be centered around piecing together actionable insights from these various social graphs. 

We’re excited to kick off our Farcaster integration with these initial six metrics that provide answers to some core questions. We hope that you leverage this information to either, one, get more active on Farcaster and, two, meet your users where they’re at by posting in channels that they’re most receptive to.

What what are you waiting for? 

Start building your Farcaster strategy with Bello by starting a 7-day free trial today.

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