Discover Revenue Dashboards with 10 New Powerful Insights

Adam Levy
March 1, 2023

Earlier this month, leading web3-native music artist Reo Cragun approached us wanting to see how the data for LNRZ DAO collections stacks up across every angle, revenue included, so we knew we had to prioritize it in our product roadmap.

Today we’re thrilled to bring you our latest addition to the suite of data tools designed to help creators thrive in the world of crypto: Revenue Dashboards.

This dashboard highlights 10 freshly curated insights that will set the foundation to monitor your gross earnings and deliver clarity into your community’s financial health.

A glimpse into a Revenue DashboardA glimpse into a Revenue DashboardYour Revenue Dashboard is broken down into the following four sub-categories:





Here's an in-depth look at the 10 curated metrics and why they matter:

  1. Overview

A. The number of NFTs you sold

Knowing how many NFTs you sold helps you understand the demand for your creations and plan for future drops. It also provides valuable insights into the behavior of your collectors.

B. The highest and lowest price your NFTs sold for

Understanding the highest and lowest price your NFTs have sold can help you set better pricing strategies for future drops and measure your most popular collections or traits.

  1. Revenue

A. Total revenue across primary and secondary sales

Having a clear overview of your total revenue and the proportion of primary versus secondary sales helps you assess the performance of your drops from the initial sale and its speculative energy thereafter.

B. A graph to visually track your revenue growth and Ethereum accumulation

A visual representation of your revenue and ETH accumulation delivers a new perspective in understanding community growth trends over time.

  1. Time

Time section for LNRZ - Daniel Allan x Reo Gragun - StarsTime section for LNRZ - Daniel Allan x Reo Gragun - StarsA. Time it took to sell out your primary drops

Knowing how long it takes to sell out your primary drop can help you plan for future drops and identify new opportunities in your marketing or promotion strategy.

As you plan future drops, challenge yourself to beat your average sellout time!

B. Total Time it took to accrue secondary sales

Understanding the time it took to make total secondary sales helps you assess the health of your secondary market and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  1. Collectors

A. Your all time top 10 collectors ranked by the amount of ETH spent

Identifying your top historic collectors by their amount spent can inform you who’s bet the most on you over time and may inspire new ideas around loyalty programs or drops exclusively for them.

Whether you send them a DM recognizing their whale energy or give thanks for their generous patronage, understanding who your top supporters are can go a long way.

💡 Tip 1 - If you want to see every holder, click "View All" to expand an auto-filtered Collector List including every holder and their total $ETH spent.

**💡 Tip 2 -**To export your Revenue data, click on “Export” at the top right and select the filters you want to download.

See the example below as reference:

How to view your Revenue DashboardWe can fulfill Reo’s request to visualize LNRZ DAO revenue by building a Custom Search. For the sake of this example, we added four LNRZ DAO collections.

After you log in, click on “Build Custom Search” to add all your desired collections into a unified search.

How to build a Custom Search

How to build a Custom SearchAfter your search finishes processing, open it and use the left-hand navigation to head over to your Revenue dashboard and you’re all set.

What’s nextSee how your community’s revenue stacks up by getting started with Bello today.

We’re always scouting what to build next depending on your needs. This week’s feature with Reo Cragun is one example, a few weeks back DLG requested Collector Heat Maps and we shipped accordingly.

Whatever your data needs are, we’re here to make them a reality and empower you on your web3 journey.

Try it out by signing up for Beta by visiting the link below. 👇

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