Going Beyond Analytics: Introducing Mass Messaging

Adam Levy
August 21, 2023

Ever since we launched Bello, the feedback has been overwhelmingly consistent.

You loved the insights, the deep dives, and the nuanced understanding of your community.

But there was always one echoing request: "These insights are fantastic, but how can I reach out to these wallets? How can I communicate now that I know so much about them?"

We heard you. Loud and clear.

The diverse and sprawling nature of Web3, from your Lens followers and the users who’ve connected their wallet to your site, to those who've snagged your crypto swag via IYK or even cherished the POAPs from recent conferences, meant that the traditional channels just wouldn’t cut it.

The solution had to be as dynamic as the Web3 space itself.

Enter XMTP.

In simple terms, XMTP lets you send messages directly to digital wallets. It's not just about sending a message; it's about bridging the gap between insights and interaction.

And now, we're thrilled to announce that Bello has integrated XMTP, finally giving life to our community's most sought-after feature: Mass Messaging.

Insight has now met interaction, and it's a game-changer.

Let's dive in.

Why Wallet Communication is a Game Changer

Communication forms the bedrock of any community or company.

Traditionally, the web3 space has thrived on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, where creators broadcast messages and engage with their audience in a communal setting.

But what if there was a way to target, personalize and direct conversations more efficiently?

Bello’s mass wallet-to-wallet broadcasting empowers you to hone your messages, tailoring them to resonate with each unique member based on their distinct preferences.

In this multi-network ecosystem, Bello ensures your voice doesn't just echo—it converses, connects, and cultivates a thriving community.

You can now foster deeper relationships, curate special experiences, share exclusive previews, or even offer personalized incentives all with a targeted message.

Instead of broad strokes, think of fine-tuned, tailored interactions that make each collector feel genuinely valued.

How to Send a Mass Message to Wallets in Bello

Let's delve into how mass messaging works on Bello:

Start by navigating to 'Collector Lists' on Bello. Once there, direct your attention to the top right corner and click on 'Actions'. From the dropdown that appears, choose 'Message'.

For security and verification, you'll need to sign a transaction to authenticate your account.

Once that's done, it's time to craft your personalized message. After penning your message, take a moment to review by pressing 'Preview'.

If everything aligns with your expectations and looks just right, all you need to do is hit 'Send'.

The process is not only user-friendly but also incredibly efficient, ensuring you can communicate with ease.

Where are Wallet Messages Delivered?

Messages are seamlessly delivered through platforms that have integrated the XMTP protocol. Users utilizing products and protocols like Coinbase Wallet, Lens Protocol, Converse, CyberConnect, Orb, among numerous others, can effortlessly receive these communications.

This expansive integration ensures that messages reach a wide and diverse audience across various popular Web3 platforms, highlighting the ubiquity and versatility of XMTP in the decentralized ecosystem.

Bello's Stance Against Spam

At Bello, we prioritize user respect and experience above all. Recognizing the potential challenges of spam in mass wallet communications, we've introduced Messages V1 with utmost caution.

Each message from our platform embeds an opt-out link, ensuring recipients can choose their level of engagement.

Moreover, access to this feature is exclusive to a select group of vetted enterprise customers, emphasizing our commitment to consensual communication and a thoughtful user experience.

Curiosity Beyond the Feature: XMTP's Insights

For those whose appetite for knowledge isn't just satiated by features, our exclusive podcast episode with Bello’s Co-Founder Adam Levy and Shane Mac, Co-founder & CEO at XMTP Labs, is a treat.

Dive deeper into the technology, the vision, and the future trajectories of direct messaging in the web3 space.

What's next

The new internet isn't just about ownership; it's about community, connection, and co-creation.

With Bello’s Wallet-to-Wallet Mass Messaging, we’re not only enhancing the direct-to-audience dynamic but redefining it.

As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and interaction, we invite you to experience this new chapter, where every message isn’t just heard but felt.

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