Introducing Custom Searches

Adam Levy
January 31, 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest product feature - Custom Search.

With this new feature, creators can now add multiple contracts and wallet addresses together to create a single, comprehensive dashboard on Bello.

A Creator's Collection Count is Surpassing Their Follower Count.

We found creators dropping across many minting platforms and having 10s of collections scattered throughout the web3 landscape. From Sound, Decent, and SuperRare to Manifold, Lens, and Zora, your community of web3 collectors will soon outpace your community of web2 followers.

Having powerful insights spanning your collectors generated in a few clicks will position you to do more with your data with much less effort.

So we wanted to make it easy for you to see how your contracts stack up and deliver a birds-eye perspective on your community to strengthen your understanding of your collector base.

Or if you’re a little more clever like Annika Rose from Nvak Collective, you can indulge in some good ole’ creative analysis and build a custom dashboard with contracts of creators that fit the persona of your next drop. This way, you can learn more about your target collectors (more on this later 👀).

How to Build a Custom Search on Bello

Using Custom Search is super simple. All you have to do is click on “Build Custom Search” on Bello, search to add the contracts and collections you want to include in your dashboard, and voila!

Here are the three types of search functions you can include in your Custom Search:

  1. Search a collection using English characters or paste a contract address
  2. Paste a group of wallet addresses
  3. Upload a CSV file of wallet addresses

After you hit search, we’ll notify you when your dashboard has completed processing. In our beta stage, please note that processing times vary on the search size. We’ve capped the search limit to 3,500 for the time being, so if you’d like data on a large collection, feel free to reach out to

So how do Custom Searches work in practice? Let’s find out by reviewing how one artist in particular used Custom Search to help break into web3.

Custom Search Case Study: Annika Rose

Web3-native music artist Annika Rose had big ambitions for her debut NFT drop of "Bruises" on, and she was determined to make it a success.

She realized that understanding the music NFT community and her POAP holders was critical to her success, and she found the solution by using Bello's Custom Search.

With this tool, Annika was able to build two custom dashboards:

The first dashboard contained her POAP holder so she could better understand their activity on Ethereum.

The second dashboard contained a curated selection of web3 music artists spanning those with top sales and those whose profiles fit her music genre. The goal behind this dashboard was to get a better understanding of who those collectors were in an effort to strategically and authentically enter the music NFT scene.

Between dashboard one and dashboard two, Annika gained valuable insights into those collectors’ level of experience in web3 by utilizing Bello's Wallet Age feature. Additionally, she used Bello’s Assets in Common feature to get a clear understanding of who these collectors were, the various NFTs they held, and the DAOs they were a part of.

Furthermore, using Bello's pricing insights, Annika was able to determine the perfect price for her first drop, exclusively for her POAP holders. On the day of the drop, Annika's preparation paid off, and she sold out her entire NFT collection, raising a stunning 1.25 ETH.

By utilizing Bello's Custom Search, Annika gained a competitive edge to successfully launch her music NFT, proving that using Bello’s curated dashboard and onchain data tools can be a game-changer for creators.

Catch her entire journey on the Mint Podcast!

Using POAPs to Sell Out a Music NFT Drop

Using POAPs to Sell Out a Music NFT DropAnnika Rose joins Season 6 to talk about her journey as a web3 native music

What’s next

In conclusion, the Custom Search feature on Bello is a powerful tool for NFT creators. By providing insights across all your NFT contracts, you can better understand your collectors, spot hidden trends, and make informed decisions about growing your community.

Try it out today and see the power for yourself by signing up for Bello by visiting

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