Introducing Search by ERC20

Adam Levy
July 2, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of Search by ERC20 on Bello, a powerful new feature that broadens the scope of token analysis and wallet insights on Bello. 

This enhancement allows users to search for ERC20 tokens across Ethereum, Base, and Optimism, and gain detailed insights into the wallets that hold these tokens.

Unlocking Comprehensive Token Analysis

With Search by ERC20, users can now explore ERC20 tokens across multiple networks, providing a more comprehensive view of token distribution and holder demographics. 

Whether you're analyzing your own user base or investigating users of complementary or competitive products, this feature offers valuable insights that were previously unavailable.

Getting Started with Search by ERC20

To start leveraging the new Search by ERC20 feature, simply log into your Bello account and navigate to the search section. Select the network (Ethereum, Base, or Optimism) and the ERC20 token you wish to analyze. 

Bello will then provide detailed insights into the wallets holding that token, enabling you to build and visualize your desired cohorts.

We believe that this update will significantly enhance the capabilities of Bello, making it an even more valuable tool for users looking to gain deep insights into their target audiences. 

We are excited to see how you use this powerful new feature to drive your projects forward.

Building Robust Cohorts

One of the standout features of this update is the ability to perform aggregate searches. Users can combine various data points, such as ERC20 holders, NFT holders, POAP holders, and even uploaded or pasted wallets. 

This capability empowers users to create highly detailed and relevant cohorts, tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

For example, you might want to understand the overlap between users holding a specific ERC20 token and those who have collected certain NFTs. 

With Bello’s new feature, you can seamlessly integrate these data sets and visualize the results, providing a richer understanding of your target audience.

Enhanced Visualization and Targeting

The insights gained from these searches can be visualized in intuitive and informative ways, allowing users to identify key trends and patterns. 

This enhanced visualization capability makes it easier to target specific user groups, refine marketing strategies, and engage with your audience more effectively.

Imagine being able to pinpoint the wallets that not only hold your token but also engage with similar projects or events. 

This level of insight can help you tailor your outreach efforts, ensuring they are more relevant and impactful.

What’s next

We’re interested to see how you use these features to build a robust understanding of the wallets holding any erc20. 

Next, we’ll introduce a new network to support actionable insights on Bello. 

Stay tuned!

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