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Adam Levy
March 10, 2023

When we launched Bello’s private beta in August 2022, we could’ve never imagined we’d be where we are today:

  1. Helped creators earn over 200 ETH
  2. Raised funding in today’s bear market
  3. Chosen for a16z’s web3 accelerator out of 8,000 applicants
  4. Built a real web3 product with real users delivering real value

We’ve been so fortunate and hard at work building a better world for creators that it’s time to accelerate that vision with others.

We’re opening our doors and hiring two shippers to join Bello’s HQ to transform blockchain data into actionable insights for the new generation of creators.

Here’s what we’re hiring for and why you should consider applying.

A quick primer

Bello started as a winning hackathon project during ETH Amsterdam where Co-Founders Ellie and Adam surfaced the initial version to life. In less than 48 hours, we developed a working MVP and were selected as a finalist winner out of 165 project submissions.

Shortly after, we overhauled that version, introduced a new beta to the world on August 5th, and focused on shipping new features and nurturing our initial community of creators to empower with Bello's curated insights.

We believe that with the proper onchain data, creators can grow their community, reach their collectors, and achieve their web3 goals. We're committed to creating a no-code approach and intuitive dashboards that make blockchain analytics accessible to every creative entrepreneur.

Who are we?

We’re two hackers and creators at heart looking for more infectious energy and ambition to bring the next era of Bello to life.

From building rocket satellites at Lockheed Martin, architecting the inner workings of Peacock, and surfacing crypto’s social data at LunarCrush to triumphing ETH Amsterdam, ETH Bogota and ETH Denver, Co-Founder Ellie Farrisi strives for excellence and expects the same.

After quitting his crypto VC gig, Co-Founder Adam Levy built the definitive web3 creator economy media network reaching over 50,000 creators and collectors per month, having worked with leading crypto companies like POAP, Lens Protocol, Polygon Studios, Celo, and more on their marketing, growth and community engagement strategies.

We work on weekends, ship consistently, have ears down to the ground listening to what creators want, and aim to provide the best experience for our community.

What we’re looking for

We prioritize agility and efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our team is dedicated to excellence and every detail matters.

We don't waste time on unnecessary meetings or bureaucracy - we're focused on delivering results fueled by top-notch communication to drive impact for the next generation of creators.

Why Work With Us?

We strive for case-study-driven performance, so your ships will materialize in real-time and directly impact the lives of a creator’s growth and success.

While we work our asses off, we also like to have fun. The two of us hit the gym, are food conscious, love traveling, attend local concerts, and frequently collect music, video, art, and podcast NFTs.

We have a lot to offer

Join us to get:

  1. Competitive salary + meaningful ownership
  2. Top-tier medical, dental, and vision healthcare
  3. Budget to purchase the best equipment
  4. Unlimited time off
  5. Fully-paid, remote getaways with the team
  6. Option to work remotely or in person in New York.

See our open listings

So what are you waiting for? Check out the open roles below:

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