New Onboarding Experience: Queues, Email Notifications, and Activity Panel

Adam Levy
January 18, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of our new onboarding flow for Bello Beta! Many of you have been eagerly waiting to try Bello, and we are now gradually allowing more users off the waitlist.

To make the experience as smooth as possible for new users, we have designed an intuitive step-by-step process.

We have also introduced several key features that are important for getting started with Bello. These include:

  1. An onboarding walkthrough to guide you through the fundamentals of the platform
  2. Email notifications to keep you informed of your search progress
  3. Queues to prioritize and manage searches
  4. An activity panel to track your activity
  5. Six tips to help you get the most out of Bello.

We have taken feedback from over 100 one-on-one user interviews to improve the beta and understand what our community wants to see next from Bello.

Our new onboarding flow is our way of making the experience as smooth as possible for new users. It will guide you through Bello’s fundamentals and help you make the most out of your dashboard’s key features.

Let’s jump in.

PS. check out the short onboarding video!

Email notifications

With 14,634 searches conducted in Bello’s first six months of 2022,  we designed a new system for processing your queries and conveniently notifying you when your collection is ready to be viewed.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce email notifications!

When a new user logs in, you’ll notice a new two-step process in an effort to capture your first search on Bello, to which we then send you an email when your dashboard is done processing and ready to be viewed.

Starting today, we’ll save you the headache of waiting at your screen for your dashboard to load, and instead, we’ll notify you via email when your search is completed.

Next up, let’s dive into queues.


In the first half of 2022, we noticed that our creators not only enjoyed searching for data within their own community but also liked exploring multiple collections. On average, Bello creators searched 36 different collections.

To help make this process more efficient, we introduced queues. Think of Bello's queue as a line of people waiting to go on a ride at an amusement park.

The first person in line is the first to go on the ride, and the next person goes after the first person gets off.

Similarly, searches are processed in a queue. The first search in the queue is the first one to be processed, and the next search is processed after the first one is done.

The wait time depends on the size of the collection; larger collections with more holders take more time to process than smaller collections with fewer holders.

And just like how Disneyland's Butterbeer requires both ingredients to create the drink, queues and email notifications work hand in hand.

When your search finishes processing in the queue, you will receive a notification via email to view your dashboard.

Activity panel

With emails and queues taking Bello by storm, we wanted to make sure you could keep track of your search history.

That's why we added an activity panel.

This feature allows you to keep track of your previous searches, what's currently in the queue and what is ready to be viewed.

The panel helps you stay organized and easily access your previous searches. This way, you can save time and effort by not having to re-search something you had previously searched for.

The activity panel also helps you keep track of any searches that are still waiting in the queue so that you can plan your project preps accordingly.

There are three types of activities within the activity panel that is worth noting.

  1. Processing: When you search a collection or contract, your search is added to the queue as "PROCESSING." This means that your search is currently being processed and is waiting in line to be completed.
  2. Completed: Once your search has been processed and completed, it will be marked as "COMPLETED" within your activity panel. This means that your search is now ready for you to view the results.
  3. Canceled: Sometimes, you may accidentally search for a collection or contract and want to prioritize other searches in your queue. In this case, you can cancel the search and remove it from the queue. The canceled search will be listed as "CANCELED" in your activity panel.

6 tips to help you get the most out of Bello

To make the navigation experience on Bello's home page as simple as possible, we have integrated six tips that provide helpful information for our creators. These tips are designed to assist you in understanding the layout and product flow of Bello, so you can feel comfortable and confident when using data to learn more about your collectors.

These tips cover different aspects of the platform, such as how to navigate through the different sections, where to find specific information, and how to use different features.

They also provide valuable insights into how to best utilize the platform to understand your collectors better. Our aim is to ensure that you have a smooth experience on Bello, and these tips are one way we strive to achieve that.

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Bello has released a new onboarding flow for its beta version to make the experience as smooth as possible for new users. The flow includes a step-by-step process and key features such as email notifications, queues, an activity log, and tips to help you navigate the platform.

We invite you to try Bello out and discover the power of this platform for yourself. Join us and experience the new onboarding flow, and let us know what you think.

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