Search by Lens Profile: Get Insights on Followers

Adam Levy
April 17, 2024

In our continuous effort to enhance how you engage and analyze your onchain audience, we now offer the ability to search directly using Lens handles, improving your understanding and connection with your onchain audience.

Here’s how to get started. 

Why Integrate Search by Lens?

Integrating the search by Lens handle into Bello enhances your ability to access and analyze the wallets following your profiles directly. This functionality is crucial for any creator or brand to expand its influence on web3 platforms.

Following our initial feature that showcased interactions within the Lens ecosystem, this new tool focuses on identifying individual followers. It enables precise identification and analysis of wallets that hold your follower NFT, offering clear insights into audience engagement.

This targeted approach provides a more streamlined view of your follower base, facilitating the development of tailored engagement strategies to grow your presence in the decentralized web space.

How to Search a Lens Profile

Visit the home page or the application to search for a single or group of Lens handles.

Kick off your query with “@” and toggle to the Lens tab to populate Lens Profile results.

Unlock 50+ Insights on Lens Profile Followers

With this feature, users receive the best of Bello’s 50+ actionable insights, wallet segmentation, and messaging features powered by XMTP.

Furthermore, our search functionality supports sophisticated segmentation of audience data. This enables strategic, targeted engagement by identifying distinct groups within your followers based on shared characteristics or behaviors.

The new search capability offers a seamless user experience, making navigating and leveraging your audience data more accessible.

Tip for the Pros

Implementing this feature acknowledges that diverse touchpoints are involved in building an onchain audience. 

The wallets interacting with your offerings may include those from Lens, Farcaster, and others involved in your POAPs, the NFTs you issue, and even the wallets that log into your site.

Bello is explicitly designed to cater to this broad spectrum of interactions. 

You can simply add your Lens handle, Farcaster handle, Warpcast channel, NFTs, POAPs, and directly paste or upload wallet addresses into the search bar to assemble the ultimate cohort of users who have interacted with you onchain.

Press enter to search and unveil your entire top-of-funnel in a way you might not have seen before.

What’s Next

We invite all users to explore this new feature and harness the full potential of their onchain audience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and expand our features to help you enhance your onchain interactions.

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