Unveiling Hidden Bonds: Introducing 'Interests'

Adam Levy
July 17, 2023

Have you ever walked into a book club or a music festival and instantly connected with someone over shared interests? Those serendipitous moments when you realize you both love the works of a particular author or enjoy the beats of the same obscure band? This shared affinity forms an instant bond, a deeper connection that often becomes the foundation of meaningful relationships.

Just like that connection you find in a book club or music festival, your NFT community also thrives on shared interests, hidden under the layers of onchain data. Uncovering these shared interests can unlock stronger connections, heightened engagement, and ultimately, growth in your community.

Bello has always been about empowering users in their crypto journey. We are committed to making the murky waters of onchain analytics accessible, simplifying the process to foster communities, reach collectors, and define success in your business.

Today, we're excited to introduce you to our latest proprietary creation, "Interests," → exclusively available for Bello Enterprise.

Decoding Communities: The Power of "Interests"

"Interests" serves as a doorway into the diverse world of NFTs, presenting a panoramic view of your NFT community by revealing the categories of NFTs they collect.

Reflecting the tastes and characteristics of each collector, "Interests" bridges the gap between growth teams and their community, enabling a deep understanding that fuels effective engagement.

The first version of "Interests" unfolds nine distinct categories, namely:

  1. Art
  2. Gaming
  3. Memberships
  4. PFPs
  5. Photography
  6. Domain Names
  7. Music
  8. Sports Collectibles
  9. Virtual Worlds

Each category is a testament to the multifaceted world of your collectors, a window into their unique preferences and tastes.

New Dashboard: Your Navigational Compass

Alongside V1 "Interests," we're thrilled to unveil a new dashboard in Bello. This intuitive section outlines your community's shared interests across up to nine categories, offering you unparalleled insights into their buying preferences. Like a compass, it guides your journey, allowing you to optimize your offerings and strategies in tune with their preferences.

The dashboard is designed to be intuitive, allowing you to quickly understand and analyze the preferences of your community. This equips you with the information needed to optimize your offerings, thereby helping to stimulate growth and foster a stronger, more engaged community.

Unleashing Potential: The Impact of "Interests"

The release of "Interests" is a game-changer for growth teams offering 3 powerful benefits such as:

  1. Cultivating Deep Connections and Engagement: By identifying the interests of your community, you foster a deeper understanding of their unique tastes and preferences. This directly translates into tailored experiences and stronger engagement, cultivating a vibrant community environment where each member feels heard and valued.
  2. Driving Decisions with Insightful Action: "Interests" provides valuable insights that inform your decisions and refine your strategies. It equips you with the understanding to optimize your offerings and interactions, enabling more effective community management and growth.
  3. Unveiling the Intricacies of Community Traits: With the "Interests" feature, you gain a clearer lens to view the distinctive traits of your community. This increased clarity aids in comprehending their motivations, preferences, and behaviors, laying the groundwork for authentic, meaningful relationships.

As we move forward in this fast-paced, ever-evolving crypto landscape, the ability to keep a pulse on your community's preferences and behaviors becomes even more crucial. And that's exactly what "Interests" offers.

What's Next

Today’s release is more than just a feature; it's an indispensable instrument to tap into the boundless potential of your NFT community. It opens a window into your community's pulse, guides your growth strategies, and acts as a potent catalyst for expansion.

But this is only the beginning. With V1 of "Interests," we're setting the foundation. As we prepare to roll out the next iteration, you can anticipate a more powerful, refined, and compelling tool that delves even deeper into the dynamics of your onchain communities.

Embrace this new era of personalized, data-driven growth with Bello. With "Interests," you're not merely staying abreast of trends; you're shaping the future of the NFT space. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the realm of onchain analytics.

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