Weekly Recap: Improvements, Speaking Opportunities, Community

March 27, 2023

Welcome back to our weekly Bello recap, where we update our community on the progress we've made over the past week.

In this week's blog post, we'll be highlighting the improvements we shipped, our speaking opportunities, our hiring process, as well as the highlights and lessons learned from the week.

While Crypto Startup School took a quick break last week, we’re back in the office this week!

Here’s what went down the past few days.

Improvements we shipped

As always, we're committed to improving Bello for our users. This week, we made significant progress in terms of infrastructure scaling and dashboard optimizations. We also fixed several bugs and made updates to various dashboard features. We're excited to continue refining our product to provide the best possible experience for our creators.

Here’s a more comprehensive list

  1. Improved infrastructure scaling: We worked on improving the scalability of our infrastructure to handle increased traffic and usage of the platform.
  2. Optimized dashboard by fixing bugs: We made significant progress in optimizing our dashboard by fixing several bugs that were causing inaccuracies and inefficiencies in the platform.
  3. Updated every Graph/Chart on the dashboard to remove cursor flickers: We made updates to every graph and chart on our dashboard to remove flickering cursor popups, making it easier for users to interact with and interpret data on the platform.
  4. Fixed bug in Activity Panel on Collection Page that prevented reprocessing a collection: We identified and fixed a bug in the Activity panel on the Collection Page that was preventing users from reprocessing a collection.
  5. Updated "Bellie" insights display to always show insights without needing to toggle them on and off: We made an update to our "Bellie" insights display, which now always shows insights without needing to toggle them on and off.
  6. Fixed bug that caused the search dropdown menu to overextend on the page: We identified and fixed a bug that was causing the search dropdown menu to overextend on the page, improving the overall usability and navigation of the platform.
  7. Updated pricing dashboard UIs to reflect the conversion of ETH amount to USD: We made updates to our pricing dashboard UIs to accurately reflect the conversion of ETH amount to USD, making it easier for users to understand and analyze their data.

We're hiring

As we continue to grow and improve Bello, we're also excited to expand our team. We've had lots of interviews and a few technical interviews and had fun generating coding challenges. We're looking forward to finding the right people to join our team and help us take Bello to the next level.

We spoke at Outer Edge (aka NFT LA)

Last week, our Co-Founder Ellie Farrisi had the opportunity to speak at Outer Edge LA about being a CTO and a hackathon winner in web3. In her talk, she shared valuable insights on how to scale a small hackathon MVP into a usable platform and emphasized the importance of data transparency and its implications for the creator economy in the context of web3 social.

Additionally, Co-Founder Adam Levy hosted a panel titled, “Data in the Web3 Creator Economy” with a stellar lineup of guests featuring:

  • BlockchainBrett, Investor at Palm Tree Crew
  • Nick Villar, COO of Glass.xyz
  • Rex Wong, CEO of Famecast Media
  • and Ellie Farrisi of Bello :)

We covered everything from building interoperable audiences, our thesis, web3 social and so much more.

Highlights of the week

In addition to our work at Bello, we also had some great experiences outside of the office. We attended Crypto Shabbat, a small dinner where we had the opportunity to connect with incredible minds and have engaging conversations.

We also went to Rising Tides hosted by Cooper Turley of Coop Records, where we had a chance to see Ameet Kanon, DLG, Peter Saputo, and many other crypto-native artists perform. We got to meet a lot of the creators using Bello and brainstormed on up n coming drops, music releases, and more. And lastly, we took a break from work to enjoy the great outdoors by hiking in Runyon Canyon.

Lessons learned this week

Reflecting on our experiences this week, we've learned some valuable lessons that we'd like to share with our community.

The Importance of Data Transparency

One of the key takeaways from our week at Bello is the importance of data transparency in the web3 space - and given the conversations from last week, we’re starting to see more and more creators wake up to this shift. As we move towards a more decentralized world, it's essential that individuals have full control over their data. We believe that data should be fully transparent and easily accessible to those who own it. This will not only enable individuals to make informed decisions about their data but also create a more equitable and fair ecosystem for everyone.

The Value of Saying No

Learning to say no to things that don't align with our values, goals, or priorities can be a challenging but liberating experience. We often feel the pressure to say yes to everything in order to please others or avoid missing out on opportunities. However, saying no can also be an act of self-care and a way to prioritize our own well-being. By saying no to things that don't serve us, we create space for the things that truly matter and bring us joy.

The Power of Community

One of the highlights of our week at Bello was the sense of community we experienced. From attending events and meeting creators using Bello to sharing meals together, we were reminded of the importance of human connection and support. As we navigate the challenges of building a startup, having a strong community can make all the difference. Whether it's through mentorship, collaboration, or simply having someone to bounce ideas off of, the community comes in different forms, and building relationships and fostering a sense of community can be a powerful tool for growth.

The Process of Iteration

At Bello, we're constantly iterating and improving our product. Whether it's fixing bugs. optimizing our dashboard, or shipping new features, we're committed to providing the best possible experience for our users. This process of iteration is not only essential for building a successful product but also for personal growth and development. By embracing a growth mindset and being open to feedback, we can continually improve and evolve in all areas of our lives.

The Benefits of Embracing Challenges

Finally, our week at Bello reminded us of the benefits of embracing challenges. From generating coding challenges for our hiring process to speaking at Outer Edge, we faced a variety of challenges that pushed us outside of our comfort zones. While it can be tempting to avoid challenges or stick to what we know, embracing challenges can lead to personal and professional growth, increased confidence, and new opportunities. By stepping outside of our comfort zones and embracing challenges, we can unlock our full potential and achieve great things.

What’s Next

That's it for this week's Bello recap! We hope you enjoyed hearing about our progress and experiences. As always, we're committed to improving Bello for our users and making data transparency a reality in the web3 space.

This week we’re back in the Santa Monica office for week three of Crypto Startup School, so stay tuned for more updates next week!

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