Bello and JokeRace: Advanced Analytics for Onchain Contests

Adam Levy
April 23, 2024

JokeRace has established itself as a leading platform for creating, running, and monetizing onchain contests. 

With their latest ship—extensions—JokeRace enables third-party developers to enhance the platform by integrating additional functionalities directly into its protocol. 

This is exciting for Bello because JokeRace embodies the values of building a distributed onchain audience and aligns with our vision for building the home of actionable insights.

It’s why we’re pleased to announce our integration with JokeRace, empowering nearly every organization that deploys a contest with no-code, actionable insights on those who’ve participated in their contest.

Some of these users include the Polygon, Arbitrum DAO, EigenLayer, Ethereum Foundation, Mantle, Berachain, and Mode, to name a few heavy hitters.

This blog post will explain how the integration works and our motivation for developing on JokeRace’s protocol.

Motivation Behind the Integration

The inspiration to develop the Bello extension stemmed from the success of a our mutual long-time user, Rehash DAO, and its founder, Diana Chen.

Chen effectively built an onchain audience selling Podcast NFTs and conducting seasonal contests on JokeRace. 

Once building a substantial top of funnel containing a few hundred wallets, she then utilized Bello’s analytics to secure $20,000 in new sponsorships by understanding audience overlaps.

This success story propelled our teams to see how the broader JokeRace community could benefit from similar insights using our tools.

Seamless Integration Process: How it Works

We've streamlined the integration process to ensure ease of access for all JokeRace users:

  1. Navigate to the extensions section within your JokeRace contest setup.
  2. Select the Bello extension to enable detailed analytics for your contest.
  3. Data from your contests will be automatically analyzed by Bello, offering comprehensive insights.
  4. Access your Bello dashboard directly through JokeRace for real-time analytics and insights.

We pull wallet data from over 10 EVM networks to show you insights across Ethereum.

These networks include:

  • Ethereum
  • Base
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Berachain testnet
  • Polygon testnet
  • Polygon
  • Sepolia
  • Mantle
  • Mode
  • Arther
  • Taiko testnet

So for example, if your contest was deployed on the Base network, then we’ll pull the addresses from that chain and display data on Ethereum mainnet.

Key Features and Benefits

The initial integration reveals a limited version of our premium insights. If you’d like to view more, you can kick off a 7-day free trial.

Once the 7-day free trial is activated, customers can:

  1. Analyze Participant Behavior: Gain insights into how participants interact with various contests, understanding engagement patterns and preferences.
  2. Segment Audiences: Identify crucial demographics within your audience to customize future contests and tailor marketing strategies effectively.
  3. Enhance Contest Strategies: Leverage data-driven insights to design contests that are more engaging and competitive, enhancing user retention and platform appeal.
  4. Connect and Engage with Wallets: Leverage a network of over 100,000 wallets associated with Twitter handles and an additional 250,000 profiles connected to Web3 social platforms like Farcaster and Lens. Utilize Bello's XMTP messaging tool to directly engage with these wallets by sending out broadcast messages.

The analytics from the Bello extension equip contest organizers with tools to:

  • Secure Sponsorships: Collaborate with sponsors who resonate with your community.
  • Target Communication Channels: Engage with platforms like Farcaster where your audience is most active.
  • Community Recruitment: Draw in members from commonly used protocols within your community.

What’s next

This integration not only synergizes JokeRace and Bello but also marks a significant advancement in how onchain applications can empower users with actionable insights. 

For JokeRace, this means transforming contests into growth and engagement tools. 

For Bello, it represents a further step towards empowering a new generation of marketers with no-code, growth analytics.

We are eager to see how contest organizers will use these new capabilities to enhance community interactions and create dynamic contest experiences. 

Start exploring these new possibilities on JokeRace today!

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