How To Analyze Farcaster Handles and Warpcast Channels

Adam Levy
March 7, 2024

You have multiple touch points where you build onchain audiences, including web3 social protocols like Farcaster and Lens.

And lately, Farcaster has been a critical touch point for many. 

It's why we were so focused on shipping Farcaster and Warpcast analytics recently.

In fact, over 200,000 users have created a Farcaster profile in the last 18 months and users on clients like Warpcast have started understanding the value of building an onchain audience.

At Bello, our goal is to be your top of funnel platform that aggregates the wallets that interact with you onchain across every app, and then empower you with ways to engage that entire top of funnel.

So today we’re excited to introduce a major advancement to Bello’s search bar. 

Now, you can search Farcaster handles and Warpcast channels and build a cohort of the wallets in those groups. 

Here’s the complete guide on how to get started.

What is a Farcaster profile?

Profiles are user identifiers within the Farcaster protocol. 

Each handle is linked to one or more Ethereum addresses or Solana addresses and are stored in registry contracts, like the Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism, enabling key functions like account creation, storage allocation, and account ownership access.

The powerful part of web3 social handles across protocols like Farcaster or Lens, is you can see exactly who’s following you at any given time thanks to the transparent nature of blockchains. 

So when you think about the different touch points of building an onchain audience, the wallets following your crypto social handle play a critical role.

That’s why we wanted to make it super simple to analyze those specific Ethereum wallets that follow you across the sufficiently decentralized social network.

The same logic applies to Warpcast channels.

What are Warpcast Channels?

Warpcast channels are public spaces within the Farcaster protocol where communities can engage in conversations around specific topics.

These channels serve as dedicated feeds for communities, allowing users to join, post content, interact with others, and discover like-minded individuals. 

Like Farcaster profiles, Warpcast channels enable users to stay connected by following along using their wallet address.

And as more users build their channels on Warpcast, we wanted to make it easy to discover actionable insights across the wallets that engage in those conversations.

So here’s how you can start searching for insights across those wallets following your profile and channel.

How to Search Farcaster Profiles and Warpcast Channels

We’re introducing three new search triggers in Bello:

  • @ - the at sign serves as a trigger to search profile handles
Search by @handle: @dwr

    • # - the pound symbol serves as a trigger to search your Farcaster ID, aka #FID

    Search by #FID: #124

      • / - the slash symbol serves as a trigger to search channels

      Search by /channel: /base

      You can even upload a CSV of each or a combination of all to make bulk searching easier.

      Upon searching, your dashboard will refresh to reveal the Total Verified Wallets across the entire cohort.

      Our approach to Verified Wallets differs from standard dashboards, particularly when searching for POAPs, NFT contracts, or uploading wallets.

      What are Verified Wallets?

      When searching by a Farcaster @handle, #FID, or Warpcast /channel, you'll notice we categorize wallets into "Verified Wallets." 

      This distinction is deliberate and rooted in the concept of a verified wallet within Farcaster, a decentralized social protocol, serving as an official ID for your digital currency wallet. 

      Similar to how a school ID verifies your identity within an educational institution, a verified wallet authenticates your digital wallet's ownership and authenticity on the blockchain.

      This verification process, which records the connection of a user's wallet to their Farcaster account at the protocol level, is recognized by Farcaster's foundational rules and structure, not merely by an application or service built on it. 

      Bello leverages the protocol-level feature of verified wallets to ascertain the authenticity of different accounts, ensuring their legitimacy.

      This is also why Bello shows a lesser amount of Verified Wallets when compared to the follower count on a client like Warpcast or Supercast.

      The header for @ted's dashboard

      So for example, let’s look at someone like @ted, who has 115.2K followers on Warpcast, but in Bello she has 32,947 Verified Wallets following her, meaning there are 32,947 EVM-comptable wallets that follow her profile.

      To learn more about this critical nuance, please visit our help docs breaking down Verified Wallets and follower count discrepancies

      Take your use of this feature to the next level

      Searching for profiles or channels individually or in a custom search is cool n’ all, but the real magic happens when you join different data all together.

      If you’re chronically onchain like our team, then you likely fit into at least two of these categories:

      1. You’ve given out POAPs at your event
      2. You have wallet authentication enabled on your site via Dynamic, Privy, or Magic
      3. You’ve issued commemorative NFTs across Zora, Thirdweb, or Manifold
      4. You have a crypto-native newsletter with wallets linked to emails in Mirror or Paragraph
      5. You’ve issued NFT tickets at your event
      6. You’ve had user community participate in a governance vote via Snapshot or Jokerace
      7. You’ve built a following on Farcaster 
      8. You’ve built a following on a Warpcast channel

      If so, we encourage you to build a search across your entire top of funnel and discover actionable insights to do more with the value you create onchain.

      Upload those wallets from Dynamic or Privy, search those POAP IDs, and throw your Farcaster identity into a one large custom search to build a wider top of funnel of every wallet that’s interacted with you onchain.

      Learn everything you can about them, and incorporate those insights into your growth strategies.

      What’s next

      As we reach the halfway mark in Q1 2024, we’re excited to add new ways to search on Bello.

      Previously, users were limited to searching NFT contracts, POAPs, and uploading groups of wallet addresses.

      With today’s update, we’re materializing our vision of becoming the home of actionable insights, and hopefully making it clearer on what it means to build an onchain audience.

      Stay tuned for what’s next, and be sure to start building your first search for free or with a 7-day free trial by visiting

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